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2017-11-16 20:32:15 (UTC)

PT and afterwards

Shit. And I am screaming that big time.

My PT went well today. I was fine when I left. I was gonna go to the Harris Teeter right there near the place, but it was crowded so
I ended up at the Food Lion Near the house that we go to a lot. I was fine walking in. I was fine in the produce section....and the meat
area. Then...the pain kicked in. I could not hide the pain on my face...and laying on the shopping cart. I knew if I walked back to the milk
area, and picked up some buttermilk, I could just here I went back there. Looking, searching and NO BUTTERMILK. For the
love of GOD, where do they display the damn buttermilk? This is the second time I have been n a store looking for it. NONE to be found.

So back up toward the front of the store the pain allows me to believe I was normal again so I walked around awhile looking for things
I was trying to remember without a list. Instant grits, another pie shell, marshmellows, brown sugar, I was doing so good, Then once again
I found myself at the back of the store wishing I was not there. The pain was horrible. I almost started crying. Every now and then
I notice an employee walking by me...and I pushed a smile out...but they were not fooled by it.

I go to this store a lot, but I do not stand around and talk to them. But I remember their faces and stuff. I am not in there looking for a lost
family member or friends to come to dinner after all. So, I finally get up to the check out. Get checked out. NO big thing. Then, It is
ready to go...."do you need some help getting to your car"? "oh no, thank you but I think I can make it it.." So, here I go....and by the time
I get to the car, there are two of them standing there insisting that they help me put the things I bought into my car. I had to let them do it.
I thanked them and drove off....toward the house. with tears running down my face at the kindness they showed. Something I am not
use too I guess.

When I got home, the boss calls.....he is at the hospital and his brother has had a heart he is telling me he won't be available for a I insured him not to worry....just let me know if he needs anything at all.....

3 hours later...his brother is fine...the boss is sending me some files that I need. And he is telling me that we are too start looking for a condo
for the man who has the big sell. He is selling it with or without the furniture....and he wants to move after the holidays.
OMG!! A great way to start the year. I will have enough money too buy my middle granddaughter a car if she wants she won't...huh?

I am so grateful today....I came inside and iced my leg.....was a load of sheets....watched my shows....and still taking it easy....

I drank a couple cold beers too.....

not much. Just a couple. And I am now ready to really take it easy..for a while.

I do not have PT till Tuesday of next week.

It took two days to get over Monday's PT. So, I should be good by this rate, huh?