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2017-11-16 11:00:39 (UTC)


Good morning!

I went to bed early last night and it was good. I remember I heard my brother arriving but my bedroom door was closed so I felt too tired to get up and talk to him. I think he is staying with this young girl as they were at my new neighbour's house.

My father was here yesterday and we had a good time. My mother and him are always fighting... I could start once again describing the whole fight but it is just too boring. The fact is that my mother has put back the decoration in the living-room. So, the apartment is not looking empty anymore.

My mother didn't come yesterday... I guess she wanted to stay alone. She went to the bakery with my ex-sister-in-law... My brother is divorcing her as I said before.

I am feeling a bit tired this morning and being honest I am not very inspired to do anything. My daughter is on a holiday because she didn't go to the school trip... Then, she is at home sleeping. By the way, yesterday it was a holiday here... Republic Day of Brazil.

It is going to be a long day here for me. There are two builders in the back of the house doing a roof extension I would say... My father is paying for that... He wants to come here and cook outside of the house... Let's see how it is going to be.

My husband is working today and then I have spoken to him quickly. Well, thing are pretty much the same... He continues to work part-time and we will see if he is coming next year to see us.

So, good energy to everyone. I hope to feel more energetic through out the day.

See you soon...