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2017-11-16 00:30:13 (UTC)

Rough day

My right ankle was giving me a fit today. So, I hobbled around all day. I managed to get the laundry caught up. Went through some account files to see what was missing and found a few things, So, I got on the phone to try to get that in order. At the end of the day, I had most of it, but it is clear that unless you are doing the paper work yourself, no one else is going to do it. So, tomorrow I will be on the phone running down other
brokers and lawyers...or at least their administrative assistants to get what I am required to have at this point of the transaction.

I will have to make sure that as long as I am working from home and not actually getting out there to do the face to myself, I am
going to have to make sure that he has all the paperwork in a stack and all places that need to be signed or initialed need to be make it easier to get all of it done in the beginning as it should be always anyway.

I am not accustom to brokers calling me asking for paperwork that they should have already gotten. Then, even I get the run around
when it needs to be done.....I will do it tomorrow.....or I meet with them at 2 today and I will get it then. Too many cooks in the kitchen
can really leave a big mess. However it is my job to make sure things get done right. It is my job to train them if they do not understand
it, or realize the rules. It is my job. I can get in big trouble for files not being in order.....T's must be crossed and I's must need to be dotted.
Copy this, save that. Just do it. It is like riding a bike....once you are use to it. But trying to ride a bike from across town from another
pathway. I feel bruised from the falling off and getting back up...and lost from taking the wrong turn....

I will not be lost for long....

I must start paying closer attention to what is going on and the timely which it is done.

Taking notes today...made new folders and started over.

Everything will be in order within 24 hours.

That is a given. Even if I feel like shit with the pain. But; time to fake through it and get things done.