2017-11-15 06:31:08 (UTC)


I use to have this crush on this one guy. I think he is cute, but he isn't the "one" I want to day dream about. I hate the fact that I get butterflies in my heart when I see him. Worst part for me is that I blush when I see him.
About the butterflies in the heart thing, when I see someone I "love" I don't get butterflies in my stomach. If there are butterflies in my stomach, it means I feel sick. When I get butterflies in my heart, that means that I'm "in love"'. I hate myself for it.
The only downside is that he's a coward. After I told him that I liked him, he can't talk to me. I hate talking to him because of it. The most he can do is look at me. It makes me feel bad. If anyone has advice on what I can do, please tell me. I want to talk to him as well, but I'm also a coward. I feel like a bitch! Omg. Did I just write the "B" word! He makes me stressed in a good way. Nope, it isn't that. See Love! I'm too smart to fall for it. I'm obviously love sick.
Hugs and kisses!
If you like someone, tell me about them. I'd love to hear about something other than me.
( I have got to stop bullying myself )