A Libra's Lovelife
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2017-11-15 06:20:36 (UTC)

A relationship...

For the longest time after my husband died, I did not want another serious man in my life. The thought of not having that freedom that I had just been given back was frightening. So I settled for casual sex with a few guys. I still got feelings however no matter how hard I wanted to fight it from happening. Then i sort of thought maybe I'd want Justin to be my boyfriend, until I realized that he really is total anti-relationship or even dating.

Then Zack comes along & changes my entire outlook. I finally & totally feel ready for a real committed relationship. Hell, I actually want it so very badly now. All of it. I even am okay with getting married again. Like where did feeling totally OKAY with all of this come from? I still haven't spent real time with Zack or been on a date with him, but yet I feel a super strong intuition that he's the one. I felt it when i saw him from far away that first time...and I sure as fuck felt it when we finally met face to face on Friday.

I want to tell him all this & i want to hear him say the same back, but he's been so busy as usual & now he's sick with a cold or the flu I guess. I wanna talk out this stuff but hope it doesn't scare him away or make him want to back off. I don't think it will since it's what he wants in life too & is tired of waiting.

I'm so sleepy right now so I'll stop there....I think I'm falling in love...I really do