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2017-11-15 05:05:03 (UTC)


To follow on from my last entry, i somehow managed to lose my sex drive by the time my partner got home, so no sex story lol.
So anyway, i have a doctors appointment tomorrow, if youve read my previous entries youd know that i wanted to get back on medication for my bipolar since i stopped taking it months ago because i was feeling fine but recently i was feeling the opposite of fine, but the last few days ive actually come back a bit and i just want to get things sorted in my life, and i want to quit smoking, ive tried so many times over the years (been smoking for 7 years and trying on and off to quit for the last 4, no luck with any of the regular nicotine replacement therapies, tried different methods like cold turkey, weening off them slowly, no luck :( other than hypnosis (which i cant afford) champix is my last option. Problem is my mental health im worried that a) my doctor wont let me take it, b) if he does and i have severe side effects, which most people even without mental health issues experience as well its a bit daunting you know? But i dont know what else to do i am so sick of smoking and i just want to put the damn things down, nothing else has even helped so its a struggle, being on champix will probably be a huge struggle too if i do come across the not so nice side effects, but in the long run if it works i feel like my life is going to be so much better. Ill let you know what the doctor says tomorrow.