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2017-11-15 02:54:30 (UTC)

Tuesday night...

I took the massage table out and unfolded it. Wow, it is gonna work so good for my therapy at home. I really needed this.
Standing on my feet today, shopping, walking in Walmart, I used the electric cart in the grocery store. I went to a store I
rarely use and was not concerned about anyone seeing me that I may know. Not sure why I feel that way. I just would rather
go through this pain thing without people watching.

I came home and put things away and rested. Started making the sweet potato pie and realized I had got Pumpkin pie filling
instead of sweet potato. So, I made it the same and it turned out great. I decided not to make him the stuffing today. I just
made some chicken and broccoli casserole and it turned out great. I had a mess in there too. But before they got home,
I had the pots, bowls, spoons all cleaned and put smelled good in the house with all the cooking and I had
my son cupcakes and a birthday card. legs and feet were hurting so bad; I could barely stand it.

I retired to my room to the put my feet up. I got up much later and put that table up. I will be ready to use it
tomorrow and hoping things will start falling in place......

I took a whole pain pill tonight. I had too. That is what they are for...I think I am gonna have to stop worrying so
much about being addicted or becoming a heroin addict. It is simply not in my nature. But making sure I have them...
is a relief. I was not out or anything...barely took them. I was just concerned that after all this time, he might not refill
them. But the PT ask me to take them now before I come, so with that; I have them.

Plus now, the insurance is going to be handled too. I will not have to pay copays or for drugs....I am making sure
I am covered good this first year of it. I can always change it later if I need too. I told my husband about all this
when he came home, but instead of being happy, he seemed annoyed about it saying after they take all that out
of my SS check, I won't have much left. I told him I was not concerned about all that since I have other money from
my business too. He made a face like he did not believe that.

LOL. I do not tell him every time I have a closing. I have more money than he does most of the time....
He has forgot about my skin issues and my pain in my lower stomach. I have doctors to see and
hope I can finally get things straightened out. I am sick of the scalp thing. It is way too much to
deal with. I just do not bring it up much, but it is worse. My hair is falling out so much too.....
I will be addressing all this soon. But I won't have to worry about us running out of money draining
out accounts to pay co pays or deductibles. Not this year anyway.

I am on it.

I got this