Sleepless Dreams
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2017-11-15 02:17:32 (UTC)

Revised; I got it!!! I'll just use the word eternally rather than eternity. Yay for me!

I haven't name this yet.. It's for my mom.. I'll think of the name in a little bit.. Now, when you read this, remember the rhythm in your head. The rhythm is mostly important for the last word. Eternity.. You kind of have to sing it. lol ; ) It works.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I'm working on a picture to go with this poem.

It started with you
Nearly six years ago
My first flood of tears
as I let you go.

For days, I begged
for you to stay
to open your eyes
for one more day.

To speak a word
or squeeze my hand
to let me know
you understand.

Your time on Earth
is now complete
Your soul moves on
as we all weep.

Hold my hand
I'll squeeze it tight
please, oh, please
don't try and fight.

I'm here with you
and I will stay
so take your breaths
for you, I'll pray

That you may find
a life of love
full of peace
somewhere above.

Wait for me
please find a way
to save a seat
for me one day.

We part right now
for just a while
but I return
to see you smile.

Mother and daughter
we both shall be
today, tomorrow,