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2017-11-15 01:55:58 (UTC)

Wednesday Write On.

It's nearing Summer twenty-four hours at a time. Hotter today out in the open, so I'm appreciating the cool interior of the public library today.

Another busy day in sobriety. I got a good sleep and I'm grateful for good restful sleep.

I'm waking early in the morning to go outside to the mailbox and collect my newspaper, because over the five weeks I've been paying for daily newspaper delivery someone or some individuals have been stealing it if I don't get there before they do. They took my entire weekend editions. These are larger. Pisses me right off. It has happened at least a dozen times. In fact I'm beginning to get truly fucked right off. My subscription costs me $31 a month. Please stop doing it you bastards. Buy your own fucking prescription/s. I live on the bones of my ass as it is. For crying out loud, you bunch of sneaks!

On a much more happier and joyful note, my tiny garden is just amazing at the moment. Everything is in full bloom or has just recently bloomed itself out, I mean the irises are now bloomed out. The garden is just bursting with colour. Beautiful. Yellows, whites, flame oranges, deep magenta and pale lilac. My wild pansies are blooming prolifically and for a very long time. They have delicate deep violet faces with pale butter yellow "beards". They're just gorgeous. It's common for keen gardeners in Kiwi-land - (New Zealand) - to not like wild flowers growing amongst their domestic garden queens like roses, dahlias, irises, etc. Not me, I LOVE wildflowers. I'm a bit of a wildflower myself.

I have a five hundred word assignment. It's my next piece of homework for my creative writing group on Friday evenings. That is my church-based one. There is also a local community one on Tuesdays that I would also like to investigate and see if this would also be a good one to attend as well. The Outreach program run a free hot dinner of two courses : a main dish, then dessert at a local Anglican parish lounge. It's on Monday evenings at five, and I told Reverend M. that I will be along to help out, even if I just do dishes and set the tables. I've been encouraged to ask around town and invite others, which I've started to do.

GROW is a 12-step recovery group, which started here years ago. It's borne from AA and is for mental health and wellness. They had a GROW group active here years ago. I've emailed GROW further up the country in order to see if one can start again here, and primarily to see what kind of response I will get, if any. I'm ex-AA now, so I won't be attending any more meetings, albeit rarely.

The sister and son are coming back for Christmas from Bali. It was just meant to be the nephew. I'm confused. As it is, I have no set plans for Christmas, so if Outreach are planning a Christmas dinner for members of the community, I might as well get involved with this in whatever way I can be. I've had no family invites for Christmas, and I wasn't expecting any. I'm okay with this....I is a big deal consolation prize to me that family will be down visiting myself and other family members who reside here in the area, and we are going to see the LDS NEW ZEALAND Temple lights and choirs this year. Among them will be my beautiful grandchildren visiting and my beautiful daughter K.

Powerball is worth $32 million dollars on the draw tonight.

Thank you so very much New Zealand and my deepest gratitude to you all for keeping me safe and protected. Your friendliness and warmth is never ever lost on me nor spurned nor ignored. I do notice all of it. My love and appreciation to every single one of you.

I'd better get on with my assignment now....