Stuck between Losing and Finding Myself
2017-11-15 01:52:01 (UTC)


i'm embarrassed. In fact, this may sound a little crazy--- i'm addicted to Coke. And No, i'm not talking about the drug you sniff.. I'm talking about the drink. YES. America's favorite drink! I've heard the rumor that the Coca-Cola company use to put cocaine in the drinks to purposely make customers addicted. I don't know if it's true or not, but i feel like i'm an addict. For example, i know i should drink water well... because it's good for the body.... but if i had a choice between water and Coke, (which usually i do), I always go for Coke. I normally only drink water when i'm sweating but other then that... its Coke, Coke, Coke. When i'm grocery shopping and i spot some at the store.... I have to have it. When i'm eating... I usually wouldn't eat my food until i get something to drink. (COKE). I feel crazy. No i mean like legit CRAZY! I even have dreams about the damn drink. And when i do... my mouth waters as if i'm having a oral orgasm or something. Is that even a real thing? Well anyways... BOOM.