Of Rains and Snow

Day to Day: Or, Notes to Self
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2017-11-14 20:47:52 (UTC)

R: About Newton

I couldn't sleep much last night, but among the multiple chain of thoughts I managed to remember one in particular about Newton. Blue-eyed, blond Newton, tall with a lean physique--as if he works out but doesn't try too hard. He always has a cynical look in his eyes, a frown that hates everything and everyone. He is very handsome though, just my type if it weren't for the blond hair. But he's also deeply troubled, came from a bad home. He had an abusive mother--I'm saying had because he doesn't speak to her again, not because she died--never knew his father. And has one younger sister he doesn't speak to anymore either. He always lights a cigarette after he's had sex, naked in bed still. He has three scars behind his right shoulder. When I touched them once he jerked away and told me never to do it again.