2017-11-14 18:57:35 (UTC)

Not feeling well

It's lunch time and I am in the café having a tea. Daniel couldn't join me as He is crazy busy. He felt bad, really bad.. Kept apologizing but I completely understand. It's the field we are in.

I'm not feeling well... I feel nauseated and achy, weak.. It hit all of a sudden.. No I am not pregnant lol, Just not feeling well, feeling really drained physically as well as mentally. I need to go back up and clock out. I cannot be here when I am not feeling well, not in my ward. I am unsure what Daniel will want to do tonight. I think I can still make it, maybe once I go home and shower.. See what He says. I will text Him in a bit. Don't wish to bother Him while He's so busy.

I been thinking about that letter and I think I am going to write it in here.. I think part of my dream, His riding around with me is how it's still with me, how I am carrying the baggage and Him not answering me is the closure I want but am not getting.. I need to take it for myself.. Maybe this letter will help..

Tea is helping a little bit but think it's time to head upstairs and clock out, only an hour short of regular hours and I was here a bit earlier so it all works out..

Have a great afternoon everyone ! <3