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2017-11-14 15:36:50 (UTC)

Problems solved - Next?

Man, what a morning. I came here to vent about things and started making my phone calls. First I called social security and explained my
situation once again. Maybe today I got lucky with the representative? Guess so, since she said it was ok to use my SS # plus an A at the end
to sign up. I should speak to agent again and tell them this.

So, I called the insurance company and got lucky again. The man I had been working with is on vacation this week. So, the other guy
has set me up to come in Monday of next sign up for a secondary policy we discussed along with drug policy so it will be in affect in December and I can use the same in 2018. YEAH....I hung up the phone feeling 5 pounds lighter.

I was so relieved I walked down the hall in tears.....finally that is solved.

Time to order checks. I had noticed that our reorder form has instructions to go online to order checks. So, I went online
and did that. FINALLY.......

I had called the doctor yesterday and left a message with his nurse to reorder my pain meds. I got a text from the drug store
that it is ready to be picked up.....DONE!!!

All I need now is for the half pain pill I took early to kick in so I can go pick up what I need to prepare dinner later today....
and a cake.....for my son's birthday.

My massage table came....along with my Wendy Williams sweaters.....I am wearing it right now....and I am
ready to go.....get more things done....