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2017-11-14 13:46:51 (UTC)

Medicare and other issues

I swear man...they told me to cancel my current insurance policy the end of November since my Medicare starts Dec 1st. But I was also told
by the insurance agent that I can not sign up for a secondary policy without the Medicare Card and it should be coming to me long before
December. Well, it has not.

I have called and talked to SS twice, emailed them twice and went online to their website. If it does not come today....I am going to
go to the office tomorrow in person to talk to someone. I think it is a sad damn day when these administrations have no way to
solve a simple solution of giving me that damn number off of it or a piece of paper that my agent can use to help me get a
secondary policy.

I am ok with just using Medicare in December and paying the 120 a week to go to my PT appointments. But what about
after the first of the year when time has ran out to get a second policy? I may need a second surgery in 2018 on this damn
knee. God knows how much it will cost.....I can not afford it. Oh, if I was not self employed and lived under a damn bus,
they would grab my hand and lead me through this shit all the way to recovery. BUT I AM NOT unemployed
or homeless.


Today is my son's birthday. Although my knee is killing me. I am going to the store to get him a cake and some stuff
so I can cook him something good to eat...for dinner. He wants "stuffing" some people call it "dressing". but I am gonna
make it. I have to make cornbread...and pick up some things.....I will bake a chicken with it. Maybe baked carrots...

I love my son. He is so awesome.