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2017-11-14 05:52:07 (UTC)

Good news! Omg!

I passed all my subjects. yes finally! I'm finally out! My parents wouldn't nag me about this anymore, siblings won't make fun of me anymore and i'm so out with those school group activites. I finished all my units at age 21. Haha. It's a little late but don't judge me based on this, judge me based on my grades instead. Haha. Jk. My grades are average but i thought i'd fail again cause i missed a few of my laboratories and i got in an argument with some of my groupmates in tourdev (i kind of call some of our leaders that they're not managing our contributions well in our groupchat). I wouldn't have pointed out anything but i was so angry and broke. Other groupmates don't want to say anything cause it's small amount of money for them and i guessed they didn't want to argue with our leader, Raphael. I was trembling arguing with our leader but i know i was right, they're corrupt. I regretted it. I felt bad but i talk to some of the leaders in person and i think i smooth it out. A portion of our grades comes from our groupmates' evaluation of us as it's a field study and our professor isn't present to judge our performance. Surprisingly, my highest grade is 1.5 coming from tourdev. Ha. So they don't hate me after all. This makes me happy.