To Be Or Not To Be?
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2017-11-14 04:53:34 (UTC)


Quote of the day: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

I must confess that I absolutely love the word mamihlapinatapai. First of all, no one would ever be able to spell it, let alone say it, in a spelling bee. Furthermore, it would make a great Scrabble word or Hangman word too, but that would mean I would have to give up my all-time favorite one - syzygy. Perhaps I will just alternate until a new word catches my fancy.

Anyway, if you look up the word's meaning, it is basically twofold. The first meaning has more of a romantic emphasis and is when two people notice each other or are attracted to each other simultaneously, but neither one is willing to make the first move. It can also mean something similar in a gaming context, when a player (or team) doesn't want to make the initial move because he or she (they) is (are) anticipating the other's response. It is such a great feeling to have, isn't it? The euphoria - the rush - that comes from that certain anticipation that can't wait to be released, whether it is related to a sort of sexual tension or something else entirely more profound.

How many times does a human being feel it in an average lifespan? I wonder. I also wonder if there are people out there who never experience it, and when I think about that, it makes me sort of sad for them. Perhaps they experience something different, or it comes in another form, but you know it when it happens, and you know the feeling you feel, right? And if having felt it young, does it feel exactly the same when you're old? Logic would say yes, because it is a chemical feeling after all. But is it more than that?

I think there is an energy too... sometimes it can be explained, and sometimes it can't.

That's all I got tonight. I want to say more, but this is just one of those concepts where all you can do is shut your eyes and just imagine or remember the feeling and the nostalgia it brings with it!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah mamihlapinatapai!