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2017-11-14 04:26:49 (UTC)

Tomorrow is the Exam

And it is 14 of November already. There is just one day left. Next morning this time I’ll be on my way to try one more time to pass this exam. This thought’s making me shiver. I am nervous about. Though yesterday and for some days before today I was quite Ok with all this. But today I can hear clocks ticking.
My colleague wrote me yesterday that she is ill. She said that she will try to come and save me at least tomorrow, but there is a chance that she will not. Still I wait for her today too. The fact that she is on her way and I won’t be alone with all job and people wanting me to do it was so good and relaxing that I felt no tiredness at the evening. I went out of the office just on time and was at home very soon, still I spent time for nothing important or active or effective. I was watching Doctor Strange, listening music and dreaming. That’s it. That is my evening on Monday. But I was happy about my day: I did so much, just everything I’ve planned and need. But I have a lot of job for today. I left it there, in the office with hope that Ksyusha will save me. Really, she was with her mother for two weeks and now it is more than two weeks she had vocation, would she be ill for two more weeks? I know, things are happening sometimes, but I tired of fighting alone. And I need someone to work on tomorrow. Ah, we’ll see.
Strange, but all my last visits to cosmetologists worked a bit different if not to say wrong, than before. My face is full of black points and pimples – it seems that inflammatory state, that lasted for all last week, is over and now it all should slowly go away, but the view is not so beautiful it was two weeks ago. And hairs two weeks after photo-epilation are still there, though doctor promised me it will gone faster. Ok, I have visit to Mash on Friday, hope she know what to do with it.
And do you know that it is just 47 days before New Year? And it is 38 days before my trip to Finland. Oh, this dream will come true. I wait for it. I want it so much. I’m sure this trip will be amazing and full of wonder and miracle.