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2017-11-14 01:05:24 (UTC)

Monday a slow start...

Physical Therapy went okay this morning. Well, maybe not. She told me today after I walked in without the cane that she wanted me to
start using it all the time until the inflammation goes down. I am almost where they want me to me with the range of motion but the swelling
is concerning them since it is not showing any signs of going down. They want me to use the cane, walk as little as possible and elevate my leg and ice it more often. It does feel like a balloon is wrapped around my knee area and it does prevent me from stepping the way I need too step to avoid losing my balance. They are afraid that I will fall down. Which I have almost done a couple times so I supposed I can see the concern and understand how important it is.

I talked to them about the Medicare. Apparently, without the supplement, in December, if I go twice a week; I will have to pay about 60
bucks each time. So, that will be 120 bucks a week. WHOA...

I am gonna check the times the SS office is open and closed this week. I intend to go there in person to talk to someone....and
hopefully get something to help me at least get my supplement for next year. Deadline is Dec 7th. Them giving me to blow off...
with the same words is not helping. I could be truly messed up. I need the card to get supplemental insurance. I am ok with
paying co pays and deductibles, but Medicare won't be worth a shit too me if I am poor after the first year to if I have too...
which it looks like I might.

I have to get this straightened out this week. Setting my own deadline.

I talked to one of my friends tonight who called to check on me. We caught up and look forward to getting together soon...

Been a while since I had any fun......