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2017-11-13 11:41:12 (UTC)

My mother

Hi there!

It is a beautiful day here in Brazil. It makes a big difference when it is shiny. I am very happy about that. I know it is going to be a hot day but early in morning was quite cold for summer time...

Just another day for me. I didn't have a nice Sunday... My daughter and I went to visit my parents by car but my mother had one of those strange behaviors... She likes to have the house... better to say the apartment all decorated. So, we were sitting on the sofa and my father complained that she puts or restricts everything in order to have it well displayed... and decorated. I remember he made that comment and I also asked her to take away from the sofa the cushions because she was sitting on the top of me and there was space where the cushions were to sit down. After that she threw the cushions on the floor and went to her bedroom. Here in my house she slept in my bed there I cannot sit down properly. It is ridiculous the whole thing. So, we came home after the incident. I didn't do anything to her. I am extremely tired of my mother and her crazy way of acting. Just like a child that doesn't get things on her way.

Then I came home and had a nap... In fact, I just relaxed. When I looked at my mobile there were 13 messages from her... Mainly there were pictures of the apartment without the Christmas decoration and empty... without any decoration at all. I was supposed to go with her this morning to the doctor and to the supermarket cafeteria but she canceled it and I said it was ok.

She has been acting like that my entire life. I am not going to say that my father is perfect but then she annoys me deeply. I am just making myself busy this morning because I don't really deserve that treatment from her. I don't want to think about that.

So, I have to collect my daughter from school. Because of that I have to start lunch early. But believe me, I am fine after all. She needs treatment... Our worst fears and problems sometimes come from our childhood.

Anyway, I'd better go... as today is only Monday...

Good energy to all of us...