My Letter To The World
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2017-11-13 06:50:15 (UTC)

Counting down

Mood: Feeling ready for a fight
song: How you remind me by Nickleback
Color: Green

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now

1. Hurt people, hurt people, so hurting people isn't going to make hurt people stop hurting people.
2. I wish we could talk right now...so much.
3. I'm happy if your happy...i just want you to be happy.
4. I'm sorry that your friend died...my heart is breaking for you right now and it makes me worried about you because i love you.
5. I hated having to say no to you, i hated disappointing you today and i'm sorry.
6. I want things to be kind of like they were before but i'm afraid to trust you and get my hopes up.
7. You irritate me so much sometimes...and i miss you but i don't know how to talk to you or connect with you anymore.
8. I wish i could live up to what you expect of me...i want to be better than what i am.
9. Can i just say how much i love you and wish we lived in the same place cause i want to be around to see you and watch your kids grow.
10. Hey so....lets go on a date some time yeah?

Nine things about myself.

1. I'm a twin
2. I have Red hair
3. I am loyal
4. I have a temper
5. I love to travel
6. I'm a photographer
7. I'm an INFJ personality
8. I like to Draw
9. I write to stay sane

Eight way's to win my heart

1. Being Loyal.
2. Being smart.
3. Having a sense of humor.
4. Caring about my friends and family.
5. Being a Christian
6. Pursing me.
7. Making me feel comfortable around you.
8. Being honest.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.

1. My siblings.
2. Love.
3. Traveling.
4. Money.
5. The future.
6. My friends.
7 The world.

Six things you wish you'd never done.

1. Looked on people's phones.
2. Stayed silent about certain things that should have been brought to the light.
3. Drank.
4. Tried to mend things with my Grandmother.
5. Told certain people inner things about myself.
6. Taken a chance on someone who was just going to leave.

Five people who mean a lot to you

1. Zoe.
2. B.
3. Karl
4. Estebaliz
6. Jay

four turn off's

1. Arrogance.
2. Lack of faith.
3. too much body hair.
4. Negativity

Three Turn on's

1. Pretty Eyes
2. Great smile
3. Great Personality

Two things that made you smile today

1. My Family
2. Fanfiction

One confession

1. Sometimes i want to run away from my life and everyone i know and never speak to them again and just start over somewhere where no one knows me with no ties to anyone, not my family, not my friends...nothing.
Basically cut off everything and change everything.
Good thing God is my hope and stay and can keep gypsy feelings to a minimum.