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2017-11-11 00:43:10 (UTC)

Hormone pellets?

I am not sure what I was watching, my memory is not so good these days, but one of those reality shows where the ladies go with one
another to doctor appointments.. The woman got blood word and then, the doctor left the room and returned with a custom made
bio-indentical hormone pellet that he inserted into something like a needle and shoved it into her. She claimed that these pellets help
her loose weight, feel less foggy headed, libido issues corrected, is what my goal was when I went to the doctor to get the
hormone replacement. She did not give me this. Instead, I was given synthetic type, a patch...a pill...and the results were not what
I had hoped although, I did take them....until the knee surgery. They asked me to stop taking medication and I did. I never started it

I googled the hormonal replacement pellets and found a couple places near here in Charlotte that I have already mentioned to my husband.
Men can do it also. He has seriously go issues especially with his memory. He walked outside tonight to get some groceries out of his
truck....( yeah, he had to stop there on his way home...took a couple hours ). I said something to him about my son when he came back
inside; and he said "well, he is home, his truck is outside." Well, I had just taken something into my sons room and he is not here.
But my husband insisted his truck was outside. So, he went out there to get the last load of groceries...and when he came back inside
he said, " I was wrong, his truck is not out there I must be losing my mind " ( ya think?). LOL. So, with things like that happening....I told
him that we probably should not tell the son about these things......he could go to a lawyer and have us both put in a HOME somewhere.

We both agreed not to mention it.

This was my perfect time to mention he pellets. He has agreed to do it. So, this is something I will be looking into for the both of us.
YEAH!!! Who knows I might actually get to engage in sex before I die. LOL

Then I started thinking about our bedrooms....I like having separate bedrooms and that is not changing.

But it would be nice to not wake up in the middle of the night soak and wet; my hair to stop falling out....stop forgetting every
damn thing....aches and pains....etc. Not sure what all it helps, but anything at this point would be a blessing...
especially him....he really needs to get his mojo back....