My Letter To The World
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2017-11-10 08:31:37 (UTC)

Thoughts that won't make sense

Mood: Tired, but also my heart is strangely heavy.
Song: The last time by Taylor swift and Gary Lightbody
Color: Blue.

Ten word stories because i'm tired but still want to express a few different thoughts and feelings.
Some of them are things i'd like to say to people but i'd be afraid of the answers... heavy questions tend to have even heavier answers.

"Tonight wasn't bad but i did feel a bit alone"

"What would you say if i started talking like you?"

"would the world end if you found out your wrong?"

"Do you care that your repeating history all over again?"

"I can't believe you want to start meeting up again"

"I don't want to be anything other than truly me"

"No i'm not doing anything with my life, thanks for asking"

"Two in the morning is so peaceful tonight thank goodness"

" i don't know,I wish things hadn't had to change."

"I could live a life completely alone...or maybe not"

I don't know how to go forward or back now"

"Can't we all just get along? let us reason together"

" i wish you wouldn't condemn yourself to hopelessness like you do"

"It's not as dark as it may seem to you"

"My eyes sting with unshed tears and smeared eye makeup"

"Won't you smile so i can end this day feeling warm?"

"I live just under the upper hand struggling to Breathe"

"The sunset was beautiful and i didn't think it was real"

"Drove home tonight with a nervous back seat driver again"

"Why did you leave without saying goodbye my good friend"

"Where have you been stuck in your radio silence Slytherin?"

"I think it's hard now to simply say i miss you"

"Yeah i want to go to Africa, i'll go anywhere"