The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-10 06:10:12 (UTC)

Fuck this bitch seriously...

so im at work.
and we, have to unload the truck, because. i guess, two people just walked out on first shift. So,already annoyed because of that. Thankfully, it’s not as big as out usual truck days.
because its an added truck for the Holidays. So, I’m trying to help and move as fast as I can, without getting in anyone’s way in the process.

I was carrying one of the gray bins. and trying to put it on one of the palettes. And the one older lady I work with, was behind me and just yelled at me “come on move!”

like, bitch, I’m moving as fast i can, without trying to bump into you. Let alone, not trying to injure myself in the process.

this lady, does NOT , like me, and I have given her no reason. Only thing, I could think of, is her, and I m, both had signed up for same position, and the team ended up adding me on. He had told me, that he,wanted to add more people to the team. And she, is, still getting the same amount of hours. Not like, i’m taking the hours away from her.

like what does this bitch have against me seriously?? I show up, I do my work, I dont talk really. if she snaps again im snapping back fuck this bitch. Just because, i’m new to the team, you think you have the right to push me arond, fuck you, seriously.

I’m done putting up with her crap.
Just going to plug in my headphones and not talk to no one.