2017-11-10 04:12:44 (UTC)

my life part2

Where to begin so I guess after all that happen I start feeling like I always had to make sure everyone okay. When I started middle school, I had the responsibility to help my sister take care of her kids so she and her boyfriend could go to work. Didn't have time to go out and hang out with friends because I was always busy helping my sister watch her kids. My mom told me that I need to help her, so I listen to her. I tried my best to be happy, but I always hide my feelings and bottle them up with a fake smile. Everyone would always tell me don't you ever be sad I always see with a smile like nothing is wrong. I guess I hide my pain good. I had good grades threw middle never got in trouble always help students that need help with there homework. But all that change when I went to high school. but to be continued