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2017-11-09 18:51:27 (UTC)

Wow I can see the light

Today's therapy session went very good. He wrapped part of my knee, that is still swollen in black strips of tape like he did before.
He is hoping this will help that area to be relieved of the swelling. My range of motion was very much improved from Monday. I
left there today feeling so good. Went to Rite Aid and walked around in there a while. I picked up one of those sill things they
were advertising to exercise your arms...kind of resembles the thigh master that Suzanne Summers came up with years ago. Which
by the way I still have one. That thigh master is the best built product in it's category anyone could ever have. I love it. Anyway,
I will give this arm thing a try.

So, today, he takes his truck to the shop, my son will be helping with that. I am not going to take a pain pill today so I could have
helped with it, but I have done so much this week just around the house; I am sticking with the already decided upon plan. And they
can go by KFC and pick up chicken for dinner if they want. I have some green beans from the frozen section in the crock pot and I
baked some chicken thighs. My plan is to make some dinners to put in the freezer. I did that before and it helped me stay on
my weight loss plan. I really want to stay on it.

I keep getting this pop up to secure my APPLE MacBook Air. It says that it has done a scan and found 5 infected websites that I have
visited. I do not even go to that many sites. I can not figure out how to make it stop popping up. There is a number to call. But I
do not want to call it....cause then they would have my phone number. I am about sick of it.

But I am feeling so much better with my walking, staying on my feet longer, going up ad down stairs properly and getting in and out
of my car like I use too. No cane. Next week may be the last time for my PT appointments. Not sure yet....time will tell. But I am positive.

Just gonna take it easy the rest of the day.....and tomorrow I will have no car here. So, need to make sure there is nothing I may need....
and tomorrow I will continue to work on things around here. One project at a time. I am doing some organization and cleaning....
Things can really get away from you. I just have not been able to keep up. But all that is changing. And it won't be long till I start
doing some marketing to some of the high end areas that I have been researching closest to me so I won't have too far to go,

Thanksgiving is close too. OH MY...I hope I do not have to cook. I would rather go to a homeless shelter and cook and serve
that day than try to do it here. LOL. I know. That sound bad...but good too.