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2017-11-09 12:06:44 (UTC)

Mother's birthday


Today is my mother's birthday. We will be celebrating it in the local cafeteria this afternoon... I should say it is more to do with a bakery... At night, we are going to a restaurant. I hope it is not so fancy because my clothes are not that interesting... It is quite casual. I really don't want to go to the restaurant and I feel a bit forced to go. I hope I won't regret.

I am not in a good mood today. I think it is the rain or it is me... I am feeling a bit depressed today, although I slept quite well last night. I have a light pattern of sleep and that annoys me deeply because I feel I am never relaxed and feeling rested.

It must be the fact I don't have a life that pleases me... I am in one of those days where everything seems really difficult for me.

Well, I'd better go as I am not good company today.

Good energy for you and for me... lol