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2017-11-08 21:19:25 (UTC)

Hump day mistakes

I finally thought....I had the songs from the video clips pulled out and converted to MP3. I got the first one onto the soundclloud page with no problems although the sound was not as good as the others I had upload. I went right ahead and uploaded the next one I had thinking it was a song called Simple Girl...but instead it was a sound clip of a time where I was playing a bunch of songs...some sounded terrible and I really hated it. When I first started this...I did put one song on there twice. Now this. I guess my next mission is to learn how in the world to do editing on that site. There has to be a way.

Then I leaned on Facebook that Messinger has to be downloaded on your computer for you to have an account there. New people are
asked to agree to this, apparently those of us that have been there a while well, we have no choice. I checked my programs and it is there....and so is the CAMERA and that is all it says. I could not uninstall either of them. Only thing I could do is go into my system and set the cam and microphone to not be used with any other websites....if you do not go into your system and do this or simply cut them off, then, Facebook or other sites you go too can turn them on and see you or what your camera is pointed at....and the mic can allow them to hear what is going on, what is being said, etc. A 100% violation of our privacy. I have deactivated FACEBOOK today I went into the settings to go ahead
do it. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE? We can no longer deactivate our Facebook accounts. We can log off, but people can still see our site.

I guess we will have to delete all of our information, photos and de-friend people so there is nothing left but a shell.

Not sure what to think bout it.

Glad I have another site to go too now.....and this a blessing and always has been. Matter a fact, I was reading one of your
diaries and saw Facebook mentioned,...I asked what is Facebook....been there ever since.

But we need to be careful with sites that sell our friends list, our phone numbers, email addresses, etc....
we need to stand up for ourselves.