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2017-11-08 19:43:57 (UTC)

Diary Friends

Internet friendships usually go stale pretty quick, in my experience. I think there comes a point where you need more than words to keep the relationship afloat. Here, on this website it's even worse, as there's only so much personal info I'll put out there before pulling back (did that make sense(?)). So far there are only two people I trust enough to be completely honest with, and that's R and J - two of the most easy going people I know, with whom I can talk about absolutely anything. I think we're a kind of happy little threesome, although I don't think R and J talk much anymore. Funnily, one of the only male friends I've had online has been the best internet friend I've had, and maybe that's because we're both dudes and can communicate on a different level - we can be assholes to each other without worrying about being offensive, and there's zero sexual tension haha. But the common thread, I think, is that we've both been walking disasters in our premarital lives, and still have the propensity to go completely off the rails if given the opportunity. Then there's the music and twisted sense of humour...

I love those two fuck faces, I really do. Hurry back, you couple of shit sacks.

Ok enough sentimental, fairy shit. Time to go do some macho stuff *grabs brush to groom family cat*