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2017-11-07 23:48:10 (UTC)

Winding down finally

Been vert busy today catching up on laundry and straightening up my desk area. I have things in order again and that is best for me.
When he tossed out my cabbage crater; the one that was just like my mom used....the one that worked perfectly I was worried that the
newer one he replaced it with just was not going to work. I was right. It did not work for me. I could barely hold it in my hands...the little
Sharpe cut outs that cut the cabbage were so small it barely worked at all. It was pretty. I suppose these days many people have these
pretty caters in plain view on display in their kitchens but NEVER USE THEM. I told him I was never making cold slaw again. NEVER

But today...I got out that last bit of cabbage and cut it in small enough pieces to throw in my food processor. Last time I tried making it
in there, I guess I pushed the button too many times. This time, I paid closer attention and to my surprise it turned out so good.
HOLY MOLY we got cold slaw. I told him I take it all back. I will make cold slaw.

My leg has hurt some today, but I did not take anything for it. I just did what I could and no more.

My son came home early today and I was explaining to him that I have a hard time getting this exercises done because I can not
lay on the floor. I would never get up. So we looked online and he ordered me this portable massage table. when set up, it is flat.
It is about the same height as the sofa. So, I would be able to get off it. It comes next week. And then I will at least be able to
do these things the same way I do them at the PT rehab. My son would not let me pay for it.

The boss had me working on a contract late last night and made some changes this morning. I ran some comps this
afternoon. So, he had me busy today too, It looks like we may have some closings next month. I am not sure though...
I think this time we will have to see the check and keys changing hands before I believe it. But if they pull it off, and stick
around; might be. a great partnership for next year. Which is a good thing. I have another granddaughter that will
be driving and will expect a car. I guess that means I will get to see her two times next year....and not just Christmas.
And that depends on how my business goes...

Anyway...I am hurting some tonight...trying to be still and relax.
Just check in