2017-11-07 03:54:15 (UTC)

Very slight improvement

Back to both my project and my love life. I still need to make more amendments in terms of time management.
Even though for my love life is still not really in the grasps of hand yet, but still making progress. Well, sometimes nothing comes easy.
We need to adjust ourselves to others and also start to change to make ourselves better to improve and move forward.
Or probably I need to be a little bit more obvious, but I don't think it's the right time yet as both of our project are in progress and both of us are in a worried state of it. So , I think we have no choice but to put our feelings a side first. But sometimes I do try to help him to relax his mind but probably not very useful for him.
I just need to finish up and complete my project and then I can concentrate on love.
I haven't really confessed to him yet as I don't want to have any awkward situations happen which he can't even look me in the eye.
I don't really mind if he really reject me as love can't be forced. It's only the willingness of person to give out his or her heart to their mate UNCONDITIONALLY, with respect, understanding and great tolerance and patients is need.
Love is not as simple as we see to be, but it be very simple if we are willing to love each other from the bottom of our hearts.