The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-06 23:54:05 (UTC)

I don’t know. :/

I thought, I really liked Danny.
But, the truth is, I don’t think I ever did. I enjoy being around him. And I like spending time with him. But, there’s , just nothing there for me.
I didn’t even, feel that excited, when we hooked up, the other night. I mean, I thought, I was excited, but, while we were together, I just felt kind of bored. Like, there, was just nothing there. I didn’t, really, care what he had to say to be honest. When we were talking. And, when we had sex, I didnt even finish or cum. Maybe, I just wasnt in the mood? even though I wanted too.

Maybe, I wanted to, just not with him. There’s no connection. Not even for friendship. And now, he’s, always in a hurry to get rid of me when we hang out. He never really talks to me. And he never really looks at me when he talks half the time. And when i feel uwanted I stop trying. There’s just nothing there.

Maybe, I really should just focus on something else besides dating. Maybe, I thought, the reason, things weren’t working out with other guys, was because of Danny, but maybe i’m starting to become even more focused on myself. And what I really want to do in life. Maybe, that’s what’s taking shape. And maybe, thats why, it’s not working out with anyone, because I really dont care anymore.

I don’t care, to get know someone, as awful as that sounds. I’m just so focused on my writing now, that none of that stuff seems to matter. I have some other things planned. That have been plaguing my mind. And none lf it has to do with dating. Ever, since I started, working 3rd shift, I’m just more focused on eating and sleeping. And trying to stay healthy while working 3rd shift.

I’m not sure, what to do about Danny. I tried, ending it before, And keep my distance, but he always comes back. So, that’s kind of confusing me. Think, I’m going, to put Danny, on hold, and focus more on what matters.