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2017-11-06 17:18:50 (UTC)

Monday Monday

Well, I got up so early today. Took a pain pill before going to PT. This worked out real good. It went by fast and I worked so hard.
I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things getting this week started. Everyone is working here during the day
I like to have dinner ready when they get home.

I am icing my leg right now..but really feel pretty good.

I will not have a car tomorrow and Wednesday....since we will once again be taking that Ford F-150 to the shop. I would almost guess that
he has paid as much keeping it on the road that he paid to buy it brand new. My son has a ford truck too and we already had to put
a new engine in it. I like trucks. And I have had a couple ford trucks myself. But if I had the money, I believe I would get one of the Chevy's.
They look so good.

I will be glad that his truck is finally fixed though. I just do not like the idea of him being stranded on the side of the road. And the part
where I have to pick him up. LOL

Anyway...I am taking it easy the rest of the day and I am feeling so much better.
I think I got his PT thing about finished.

My guess is two more weeks....and I will be done.