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2017-11-06 10:51:15 (UTC)


Good morning!

I have been a little absent because I am adjusting to my new life...

This morning I am a little bit melancholic and feeling lonely... Although my brother just left to work. I should not be complaining because I had my parents here at the weekend... So, indeed I was not alone.

I guess I miss having a social life and being able to support myself financially. But that is not possible because I am not working outside of the house. I hope to work part-time but in the future... Let's see... because here where I live there are not part-time jobs as in England.

Last Saturday, I went to the mall with my mother and my aunt. We had a nice coffee and cake at the cafeteria... I didn't pay for that my dad did... I am really short of money...

The best thing is the fact that I am not so depressed today. As I said I just feel melancholic. I have some housework to do... but I will do it in the afternoon. I woke up a little bit tired today but this is already part of my routine this physical sensation.

My brother is going through a difficult time but I guess he will survive. Most of the time he is sad and overwhelmed... It is difficult to leave things behind. I hope he will recover.

I have been speaking to my husband and he is all right. Recently, he was sick. I think he got a bug of some sort because he vomited and he was in the toilet...

I really know what I want for future but I don't know if it will be possible for us... My husband, my daughter and I... lol There are days I feel a little bit old and a little bit tired of my routine but I keep going.

Hopefully, things will come in place and after these three years I will be able to write a new story here. For now, I am surviving day by day.

Good energy to all of us.