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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-06 04:32:06 (UTC)

My Laptop Crashed.

Just, when, I start to get really inspired to write, and start working on my two projects.

1. My Supernatural Fanfiction.
2. And My Novel.

My laptop decides to crash. Now, this laptop, wasnt a brand new one. I was, lucky enough, to receive, this laptop for free, when the neighbors, we use to live, next door at our old house, ended up passing away. And we were cleaning out their house.

It all started, when the computer said, it needed some kind of software update. And since then, i can’t even turn it on. It won’t, even. turn on, when I have the charger plugged in.
Which, could mean one of two things. The motherboard just went to crap. Or the battery is fried. Either way, I’m not going to spend the extra money to figure out what went wrong.

I’m just, going, to buy a brand new lap top. I don’t need a super fancy one. Something good for streaming netflix, and music. and something great for writing.