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2017-11-05 16:59:43 (UTC)

Sunday Pizza day here

After taking a break from working on real estate while the clients get their ducks in a row...I jumped right into working on my songs. I realized I had some on my desktop that are saved but they were not in Mp3 files. So, I picked the ones I wanted to work on and found a converter program to use to convert them to Mp3. I joined the Soundcloud website so I could have a profile page to put them on. So, I have finally
managed to get the 5 songs on there. All of the songs are different. I hate hearing the same sound from an artist when your realize they are only playing the same chords or in the same key. Not that I know anything about playing in Keys...I do good to have my guitar in tune. And
anyone with a good ear will hear that it is not .

I tried to post some some of them on Facebook. I have finally realized that no one is following me there. Maybe 5 people. LOL.
Oh well. At least President Trump still follows me. ASS HOLES!!


Today, I did some exercises and I am icing right now. It is so hard. I am going to have to take this PT more seriously for real or
I am going to be facing more surgery. If I choose to do that. I know that nothing is going to happen if I do not want it too.
No one is forcing me to do it. They can suggest I go talk to the doctor and let him reevaluate my condition. He can suggest
surgery. I can say hell no......if I want too.

I am not going to worry about it. Whatever happens will happen.

So, yesterday I got out my guitar. I have more songs that are not on my computer. So, I was going to use the mic and record them. I Have
a program to use for that. That is how I got the ones on there that are there now. Well, all I did was get out the thing...and tune it up.
That wore me out. So, I left it out and was going to work on the song this morning. But my hands are hurting like crazy. I can only imagine how
much they would be hurting if I had a jam session like I wanted too. Oh well.

SO, plan B. I always have a plan B.

I need on of those recorders to record cassettes onto CDs. This I can download to my desktop and save in Mp3 form....and
then I will have more songs. I have lots on cassette. LOTS!!!

So, as I lay here with my leg elevated and ice on it...and it hurts like hell. It is at least taking away my mind on
the pain I feel in my hands.


But tomorrow is another day....and the progress of yesterday and today will not be wasted.
I am moving forward.

Today...making Pizza
or ordering one.