The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-05 00:36:40 (UTC)

Getting Ready For Round 3.

Danny, and I, are planing on having a round 3, in his infinity before I have to work tonight. Which, thank goodness, because, after the night I had at work, i could use some stress relief.

I’m actually really excited.
I honestly, have no interest in meeting any other guys right now. i like, how we see each other, but we dont smother each other. there’s no, pressure, and we just have fun when we we’re together. He gives me my space, and I give him his. I want someone, but, i I do like my privacy, and, being alone sometimes, and not having, to worry about answering to anyone. plus, most days now, im so tired, that a full commitment would be exhausting.

I also just like being around him. something about him. i just like being his arms. and the warmth, that comes off his body, makes me feel safe, and comfortable.