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2017-11-04 13:02:22 (UTC)

Happy sad..happy sad

Welcome to my you could tell, I have worked my tail off this week. So, has the boss. We were busting our ass for this new
corp of investors. Then, the rug was pulled out from them as they lost their financing. We had some upset brokers, not all, but most were
understanding. The boss is not used to working residential so he was freaking out. I had to be on the phone with him a lot talking him
down. We have forms for almost everything. We are the go between, not the actual people. So, we can terminate contracts. There is. form for that. Yes, some brokers can be total ass holes. Others can be understanding. No, it is not our fault. Do not shoot the messenger.

So, yesterday or maybe even Thursday. I was seeking a distraction so I started trying to upload music to Sound Cloud. I have someone I promised to do so. Got that mic out and had it ready. I was dead set and determined to record something. But in the process, I found 5 songs that sounded ok that were already on my media player. Problems began as I saw they were all WSN files or something, not MP3. So, I had to search for a converter . I would download, remove, download and remove until I finally found one that was easy and I could get it to work. I started uploading my sounds to SOUNDCLOUD under the name PITYPAT. So, if you want to go listen, go ahead. I have I TOOK A NUMBER and I AM IN YOUR WORLD on there...the other two, not so good, but hey did I promise you a rose garden? No, and it is not that song either.

I was delighted that my friend in Aus...liked those two anyway. I now need to figure out the mic and sing a couple more that I do not have on my media player and hopefully I can use CAKEWALK with them and save them as Mp3's when they are finished.

Back to business....I told the boss these guys had to be very disappointed when the financing walked out on them. One of them use to play for UNC and he is about if not over 7 ft tall. A business man....all of them want to make money...and all business people know you do not use your own money in business....that is why you create the LLC. Limited Liability Corp. Get it? LOL. So, while they are seeking to get hat financing, we shall move on and the sky did not fall down. We are all still standing.

So, my business went south but I found myself in my music again to save help pull me back up.

I hope you all that hear it enjoy it...and the photo I have there is about 5 yrs ago when my hair was long. It is now, but in a short
pixie style...kinda.

thanks for all the encouragement with my knee,,,,it is still swollen.
And yes, will keep going to PT.

I promise.