The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-03 11:39:04 (UTC)

What If....

So, I had signed up, for this dating website. And nothing, seems, to be going well. Whe, I tell the guys what happened to me. They, all, just stop talking to me. Some, are understanding. But, it just never goes well. Or, we, just can never get schedules to work out. Since, I work 3rd shift now, and never know what my schedule is going to be like.

I had this thought during my shift at work. Maybe, the reason, it’s not, working out, with anyone else, is because, maybe in some way, Danny and I will end up together. Maybe, not right now. But in the future.

But, even, with our busy schedules, we, still, manage to make time to see each other, even, if, it is, just to have car sex. I mean, he could be sleeping with someone else, if he wanted to. Given my situation.

I kind of, like, being the only one, he wants to sleep with. I mean, sure, he can flirt with his friends, and be flirty with his co-workers. But, at the end of the day, I’m the one he’s sleeping with. i’m the one, wants to be intimate with. I’m the one he wants to express, his physical emotions with. Me. Not his friends, not his co-workers, me.

all the other girls, can flirt with him, and try all they want. But, I’m the one he wants to sleep with. I haven’t seen, him on the dating website, where we met. So, i’m pretty sure, he’s serious about me, being the only one he wants to sleep with and vice versa.

i feel like, him, and I, will eventually end up together. Not marriage, per-say. but, we’ll eventually develop into a more me meaningful relationship.

I mean. NONE, of my co-workers, who i KNOW, for sure have a crush on me, has ever told me they liked me. Maybe, this is, because of what’s happening with Danny. And they have never even met or seen Danny.
Call me crazy, but l, I have strong gut feeling about this. And I think, thats, why, I had tried to end before. Becuase maybe it freaks me out a little.