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2017-11-03 02:31:00 (UTC)

150 Things that make me Happy

Mood: Content
Song: Hold back the river by James Bay
color: Green

This is simply a list of things that make me happy... some are bigger deals than others but all are important.
And with all the negativity in the world i think it's important to remember and try to focus on the things that do make us happy rather than the things that ruin our day's and put us in terrible moods.

1. My family
2. My Friends.
3. God.
4. Summer time.
5. Poetry
6. Rainy day's
7. Traveling
8. Penpal's
9. Ian Somerhalder
10. Drawing.
11. Photography.
12. Swimming.
13. Gilmore Girls.
14. The Chronicles of Narnia Books
15. Laughing.
16. Christmas season.
17. Memories.
18. Sarcasm
19. Surprising people.
20. Giving
21. Figuring out mine and other people's personality's
22. Mario Kart.
23. 90's Tv shows.
24. Driving
25. Fallscreek
26. Chocolate
27. The First snow of the season.
28. Oklahoma
29. Australia
30. How It stay's day light longer in the summer time.
31. Christmas Caroling.
32. Singing when i'm all alone (or even with a friend if i don't feel self conscious)
33. Baking.
34. Writing
35. Internet/ WIFI
36. Deep Conversations
37. Walking late at night.
38. Living in the country.
39. Real coffee
40. Good Jokes
41. Dan and Phil
42. Hot showers when it's cold/ Cool showers when it's hot.
43. My Birthday being in June.
44. Being a Twin
45. Being born in the 90s
46. Being Red headed.
47. My Faith
48. Cereal.
49. Day Dreaming.
50. A good Dog.
51. Fandom's (Harry Potter, Doctor who, Vampire diary's, The Chronicles of Narnia, Stranger things, Gilmore girls, Ect.)
52. Chinese Food.
53. Reading.
54. Getting Mail.
55. Music.
56. Sunsets
57. The Ocean.
58. Storms and rain at night.
59. Disney/ Pixar Movies
60. New Notebooks, Journals, Pencils, Pens.
61. Color
62. Random acts of Kindness.
63. Talking to my friends at night before i go to bed.
64. M*A*S*H* the Tv show.
65. The relief you feel after doings something you didn't want to do and realizing it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.
66. Getting enough sleep/ Sleeping in.
67. Getting paid to do something you love.
68. Bible Study.
69. Private Jokes
70. Kids laughter and joy.
71. Seeing Dolphins in the water, while on a Fairy.
72. Bonfires.
73. Black Fingernail polish.
74. Feeling at peace.
75. Smiling for no reason.
76. People looking out for you and being willing to help you on your journey.
77. Peppermints/ Gum
78. Headphones
79. Finger-less gloves.
80. People who have integrity and Character.
81. Having the money to impulsively buy something you want.
82. My Room.
83. Creativity.
84. Black Blackout blinds.
84. Going to a book store or Library.
85. Listening to Emma Play, sing, learn ect.
86. Playfully annoying my friends.
87. Praise and worship when it's genuine.
88. Going to concerts.
89. anything that makes you feel like your flying.
90. Hearing Ed Newton speak.
91. My Parents when they are speaking, singing or just bantering back and forth being happy in their element.
92. Making Bucket lists.
93. New life.
94. My Friends's happiness.
95. Proving someone wrong.
96. Being stronger now than i was before.
97. Doodling
98. Online quizzes/ Random questions. would you rather ect.
99. Playing Card and board games.
100. Clothes you feel good/ confident in.
101. When you finally Understand something you didn't previously.
102. Window seats.
103. Seeing old couples that are still very much sweet hearts.
104. Finding money you forgot about.
105. Holding a baby and having it fall asleep in your arms.
106. Clever T-shirts
107. Lyrics when they speak to your soul.
108. When you have soul connections to people.
109. Hearing accents from people from other countries( Zoe, Karl, Jay)
110. Cold chocolate chai tea.
111. Comfortable silence
112. The connection i have with my siblings (even if they drive me crazy sometimes)
113. Getting feedback from people on this sight.
114. sending People Positive messages.
115. People watching.
116. Being told i'm mature for my age or an old soul.
117. Dreaming when it's good dreams
118. when sad songs sound upbeat.
119. Seeing people who are so absolutely themselves and comfortable in their own skin.
120. Hugs.
121. Cuddling
122. Being right about things every now and then -_-
123. Seeing movies in Theater.
124. Bowling.
125. Playing putt putt in the summer.
126. Hanging out with Friends.
127. Midnight snacks.
128. Driving home in the early hours of the morning when no one is out and on the road.
129. Seeing Deer and other wild life right out your back door.
130. Coming home after being away.
131. Playing music that my sister loves and seeing her reaction to it.
132. Scaring my sister to watch her jump, scream ect.
133. Making my Dad laugh.
134. Swings....seriously i love parks because you can swing.
135. Netflix
136. The feel of freshly cleaned sheets/ Clothes.
137. Cato's
138. YouTube
139. The Color Green.
140. Lugert Lake
141. Elephants
142. When you reach the top of the mountain and look back on all you've climbed and the view.
143. Polaroid Camera's
144. Water parks with great slides and wave pools.
145. Sitting on a pick up tailgate with someone and talking.
146. Holiday's
147. Being home alone.
148. Silly String.
149. Pranks on people.
150. Having hope for good things to come.

Those are 150 things that makes me happy, what about you what makes you happy? and why?