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2017-11-02 22:39:21 (UTC)

Another day like yesterday

I was not surprised but we had the same issues with this new company of investors again today. Still no signed contracts...their investor with the money is making noise about the percentage he is putting in or something. I just let the boss handle it. I cleaned a little around here today and actually cooked dinner...first thing this morning I vacuumed the entire house....and took a shower and walked around barefoot. YEAH!!!

I was so glad I cancelled PT today. I may go Monday....but if I feel so much. better by then, I may just not go anymore.

Then that voice in the back of my head, the logical one reminds me that if I stop PT, and something is wrong with this knee or how the
surgery went; and it needs to be redone or I have to opportunity to file for a claim lawsuit type of cancelling out on PT which I am
getting for free but no least not a lot....sure does not last long....cause here I can do the same thing..and there is so much swelling still inside my leg, that is affecting my range of motion for real. Not that hard to see.

Other things are going on...the boss is working on a land deal and if it closes soon...we will finally get to least that large 6 bedroom house with the lake view. HOLY CRAPOLA...I am so happy. All this work...and finally something is happening....

I am icing my leg at the moment....

gonna cut this short.

Later people