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2017-11-01 22:42:17 (UTC)

Too many cooks in the office

I swear I been waiting all afternoon for three offers to come in so I can forward them on to the sellers to sign. Working with a bunch
of investors that are not sure who is doing what or how. I got one. They said they sent all 4 of them but I did to get but one. Thank goodness
the other brokers representing the sellers are nice people. I got lucky this time. They are being very patient.

Today has been horrible. I started burning on my ankle and the side of one of my legs...and my hand. All at the same time. I had to
get back in the shower and run cold water on my skin to stop the burning. Lord have mercy. I suppose it could be from the laundry
detergent. I was told years ago to stop using anything else but the stuff that says FREE on it. So, I grabbed some of my clothes...socks...pants...stuff that hit those areas...and washed them today in Woolite clear...and the downy clear. I put on a pair of the socks
and sure enough...kinda eased off. I also feel like I am coming down with what ever he had. Wonder how that happened...with all the
cleaning and crap I did when he was sick. Oh, I know...I saw the reason when he walked in the door coughing ....not covering his mouth..
with no regard that he was spreading his germs all over the place. I bet he does that at work too. Raised in a barn maybe? Maybe....

The boss is working his ass off. He gets so excited doing residential. So much more to do. More paper work...more bullshit.
Commercial is so much easier. And I bet it is because most commercial real estate brokers are men. Even he was questioning why is
this form so important......most of the forms are created because someone somewhere had an issue with selling their property. Like years
ago I had some commercial property that this lady had lived in since the 50's. Well, doing the deed search to see if there were any liens or stuff...I found a man's name that was attached to the deed, Apparently in the mid 60's someone came through that neighborhood and convinced most of the owners to sell the mineral rights to them that are attached to the property. So, I could not get the title company to
cover the title for a new I could in fact not sell the property. I had to try hard..and I mean CIA, FBI find these people who
owned the mineral rights....they too have to pay a small tax each yr for those rights. They would NOT sell the mineral rights to the new
owner so...I had to drop the account. Now, we have this form called MINERAL RIGHTS DISCLOSURE that has to be signed by sellers and buyers...but it is kind of useless if your broker or attorney does.a good deed search....cause if I remember correctly, that lady did not
know about her mineral rights being sold....she was just. a kid back then. Her daddy did it.

Anyway...we have sold several lots, 2 condos and 2 houses this it looks like we will be making some money this year
after all...and this is still going on. These people want to buy at least 1 million bucks worth before the end of the year....
but they do need to know that we can not move on too something new until the stuff we have worked hard to
signed sealed and closing set up. We need to do all that cause we have inspections....etc to do....and a datebook to keep straight
for closings. A million bucks is not really that this business. I am feeling lucky again....just wish I felt better.

I cancelled the PT for tomorrow...go back on Monday. And maybe I will ... maybe I won't . If I can get back to not being in
pain constantly...still walk....still go up and down stairs...I see no reason to go back. I am still sore from Tuesday...and I
mean SORE AS HELL.....I am not preparing to compete in the olympics for christ sakes....give me a break. 65 yrs old...
leave me alone.

For real.