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2017-11-01 02:47:58 (UTC)

PT and a busy day

What day is it? PT DAY. I got there right on time. This time, I had the lady therapist and she had me on that bike thing for 25 minutes. I was going all the way around too. She would pull the seat up a notch making it harder...and before long...I was pushing it all the way around. Hard at first....but man it felt good to see that happen...and being able to actually do it. We went into the room where he pulls the curtains....I think she realizes I get distracted when there are so many others in there. She had me doing a few other things....brutal she was. The 10 min ice machine was a welcome 10 minutes. But man.....I had to use the cane and could barely walk to the car.

Got home and the boss had sent me 5 properties to write up Offers on. Wanted me to call the broker and see get the numbers right so we only send the offer, no back and forth....just write it up, send it to be signed and set up the closing with the lawyer. I called everyone of them during lunch. Wow, no one was available. I guess other people actually go eat lunch. Who knew? I sent them all emails letting them know I had a client interest in putting in an offer. Gave the an idea of what that offer could be...and waited. Before going I was sitting at the computer writing up offers....I did this all day. I had one accepted.....for real. And by the end of the day, 2 more were. WHOA.....I sat there too long though.
I knew it. I was glad I had ice today. Although that damn ice does not last long.

I did not take any pain meds today either....not until around 8pm tonight. I had no choice...the pain was unbearable.

Then the boss was asking about two properties that were not on the list. Where are they? Did you send me an contract yet?
HUH? I think he got confused.. I had to get up and go check my paperwork...those two were not on todays list. But I did
pull comps yesterday on them. I checked to see if they were still active and let him know that I can work on them in the
morning if he lets me know the numbers.

I was so glad my husband brought home dinner....I was still sitting at the computer...he insisted I get up and go lay down or
get in reclyiner for while....I did.

I should be better tomorrow. But I am gonna have to use my large white board to make a list of what we are doing, what has been sent
who too and what is accepted....etc. I need to be able to look up and see the facts when I am asked,....being organized is important.

I love it.....who knows...looks like we gonna make some money this year after all.
And I am doing better.....seriously.

I will be 65 yrs old in a month. Nothing will change. It is just a number.....and when you love what you just keep on
doing it.....till you do to enjoy it anymore.

Someone told me once to do something you love and you will never feel like you work too much....even when you do.
I think I get it.