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2017-10-30 23:29:09 (UTC)

Monday...a new way

It was different waking up with no one here sleeping. He went to work early. Son left early too. I was up with my coffee early awaiting instructions from the boss. I was hoping to get started early. I took a shower and put on jeans. I found some that fit loose around my legs. Then those new tennis shoes. I had almost decided to never wear them. Been a while since I wore normal shoes. But I did it today. I slept pretty good last night. And after I got dressed and ready to take a trip to down to the grocery pick up some fresh fruit and things I had noted on a list....I was good to go. First I had to stop and get gas. No cane. Just did it. Then at the store...I let the cane in the car this time. I had a cart, but left it a couple times to walk down a little ways without it. I was doing ok today.

I got home just I time to hear the list of properties I needed to pull comps on. 4 condos and 4 houses. WHOA! So, I put my groceries away..and got started on that. It took a couple hours. I sent them to the boss and also made him an email that I created like an outline, so if he was in a meeting he could use it as a guide.

I walked outside to get the mail No cane. still wearing those tennis shoes. I walked down to the road, checked the mail....and there was none. So, I walked back and forth on our driveway a few get that leg working. I was having. a pretty good day. But wanted to remind myself not to over do it. I came back inside to watch the Young and Restless....and drink some cold water.

I had thrown that blanket and pillow cases he uses on his sofa in the dryer and it was ready to fold. I remember him telling me he would take care of putting it back on when he got home. I also remember him telling me that he would go by to pick up something for dinner as he knew I was having a busy day. So, I was not concerned about any of that.

My phone rang and it was the boss giving me information on two properties he needed me to write up Offers on....LOTS again.
But 180k worth of lots. Both were in same development and had been divided for town homes. And located with a view of the
Charlotte skyline. So, of course I would do that right now....I was up and on it quickly. Our home phone had a call from a cell
phone.....I did not recognize it so I did not answer. Left no message. I figured it may have been the landscape guy who never
called to help me out with the backyard. Whatever.

Later, he comes in....said he called to ask me if I wanted him to bring home dinner? I said I did not hear my phone ring. He said he
called both phones. He must have called while I was on phone with the boss. But I thought he was bringing home dinner? Whatever...I told him I got some stuff at the store and would set up he could go sit and rest. I know he works hard. So, I got out the fruit, made a salad, and heated up some roast beef and rice. It worked out just fine.

Now....I am ready to sit back...and rest. This was a much better day than yesterday....

and tomorrow I go to PT. I will be in a lot of pain. He remembered that I had the appointment and promised to bring home
dinner tomorrow.......

I am hoping this PT will end soon. And things....all things get back to normal.