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2017-10-30 10:15:12 (UTC)

Some news for today

Hello people!

I had my parents here in my house this weekend... They moved to the apartment and now I am here on my own. I expect that this week is going to be different for me. I still find my new routine hard and that most of the time I feel alone.

My new neighbour is OK. The only thing that annoys me is the gate. He has settled it mannually. I was expecting it to be automatically. But never mind. There are two builders here and I can't wait for them to finish the job. It is a bit annoying because he parks in front of my entrance. So, just imagine it.

Another thing... I was taking the rubbish yesterday and their dog run over to me and tried to bit me. But never mind. I get used to that.

So, I have some news... My brother is divorcing and he is going to spend sometime here with me. He slept here last week.

I have spoken to my husband and he is doing all right. I think he would be mad with all the mess that it is this place with the construction of the wall.

Well, I will write soon... Until then good energy to everyone.