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2017-10-30 02:38:20 (UTC)

Just a bit.

Mood: Tired, Content
Song: I don't wanna be by Gavin DeGraw
Color: Purple

Today has been good, nothing like what i envisioned it to be but still it's been okay, i had to watch the nursery this morning even though i already did my turn the week before last.... but it was alright...same kids... babies and toddlers only difference is that Ares was the one helping me and he was good with the kids and stuff but it did have a few awkward moments and both of us just wanted it to be done...
But he also wanted to start playing games like 21, apples to apples and battle ship, the latter of which i suck at.
but then i also haven't played battleship in like 17 years....good lord, i feel old i mean when you can say you haven't done something in 17 years... that's an accomplishment in of it's self isn't it? means you've lived at least a little while.
I came home made cookies and brownies for the dinner tonight, ate cereal for lunch and then took a nap from 3 to about five.
Woke up to Kim and Tara banging on my bedroom door...which i guess is a good get back for Tara whom Kim, Vampire and i have now woken up at odd times by barging in and turning on the light....so...this seems fair...that and if tara had done that while Kim or someone else hadn't come over like without at good reason i might have murdered her.... -_-
I don't typically take naps but i've not been sleeping well and i felt so tired this afternoon.
i feel tired now.
I got home, did the dishes, Got pissed off because i had to do the dishes....the thing is that everyone is supposed to rinse out their own dishes and put them in the dishwasher....but i sware i am the only one who does it, because i come into the kitchen and 90% of the time there is a pile of dishes in the sink none of them mine, and my mom and i got into an argument about it the other night and she was like we all need to load our own dishes and i'm like i agree.
But then i came home tonight took care of my own dishes and then there was a piled up sink of dishes mostly my moms from here cooking today and the girls and my dad's lunch stuff....and i was so pissed for a few minutes while loading there stuff and i wanted to go to my mom and say something about all the dishes she used and didn't even rinse but i didn't.
I just said goodnight to everyone after finishing the job and came up stairs...like it's not that big of a deal but when she yell at me over it and then doesn't do what she expects everyone else to do that's a bit annoying. That an doing slimy dishes is my least favorite house hold chore.
But enough of that....

As it's Sunday here are the things i'm thankful for.

1. Kim and that friendship.
2. Good conversations.
3. Hope
4. Laughter
5. Not feeling alone today.
6. Music
7. God.
8. Stars that sing.
9. Change
10. Uprisings
11. Night time.
12. Nice weather.
13. Family.
14. Being a Twin.
15. Caffeine
16. Stranger things season two.
17. The dreamless sleep i had this afternoon.
18. Internet.
19. Friends.
20. Life.