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2017-10-29 23:52:55 (UTC)

Noodles in the sink...

I cooked breakfast earlier and laid out what I would need to cook spaghetti tonight. It was okay chopping the onions and peppers and browning the meat...I did not have to stand too long. So, I cooked it earlier so it could just simmer. I did not want to be faced with doing it all at the same time. That is a little much for me. So, I did all that and then worked on some marketing material. While doing that the boss phones to fill me in on this week. He is calling later so we can check property more condos and small lots with older homes on them for sale....we will check to be sure if they are still active. Then tomorrow, I will draw up a bunch more offers to present...and see how any get accepted. So, I finished up with all that talking and rode down to the post office to mail the post cards. Came back to sit with my feet up and ice on my knee.

Short lived. I ended up folding his clothes the he will need for work. Hopefully he will be gone to work when I get up in the morning.
I am not worry about his area. He did not offer to help me with it so it must not be that important. I got other things to do.

So, it was time to prepare the noodles...and garlic bread. So, into the kitchen I went. It took a while to get noodles cooked. You know.
Watching water boil and all. So, finally here they come...."when is it gonna be ready.....that sure smells like a LOT OF GARLIC"
these people....I took it as they do not like the smell. Garlic bread has garlic on it...and it does smell like garlic. I did not say anything...
just got it out and out it on the they could see it. I then got the pot with the noodles strain the water over the sink.
I cut on the cold water....something you should do...someone said. The pot has a strainer top so I was pouring the water out...
I try to get all the water out. that is my fault....I heard their voice behind me saying something about that smell again...about then...
WHAM!! The noodles went into the sink.

Stop laughing. I know most of ya'll are laughing. Okay...I saved enough in the pot for us to eat. We worked together to get the
noodles out of sink and into the trash can. I told them to go ahed and fix their plates...I have ice to put on my knee...and
I was about to cry walking down the hall. I have done too much. AGAIN. Not a lot of swelling...but my feeling sorry for me now. Feel bad you laughed huh?

Well, that is on you. I am old. that is my excuse...and I am really sick of this damn knee.

Maybe this week will be better?

Hope yours is.