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2017-10-29 01:52:24 (UTC)

In Honor Of Halloween

Mood: Good.
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In Honor of October and Halloween i decided to compile a list of movies that i usually like to watch around this time of year just because it seems fun and appropriate.
There will be 3 category's of movies plus some honorable mentions that i know certain people will be upset that didn't make my list, but i do have a reason! haha
Okay first of all all of the movies listed in the first three category's are movies that i have watched, liked and would watch again, goes back to that whole "i watch them this time of year" thing.
now while this is in honor of Halloween not all of these movies are scary, not all are horror, and not all are Halloween themed but i do promise that we do have some moves that fit all of the above.

Okay so our first category is Kid friendly, classic and lovable Halloween movies....
so on our scale which shall be "Not at all scary" "somewhat scary" and "Scary and disturbing"
these are the not scary.

Not scary but still amazing:
1. Hocus Pocus.
2. Casper.
3. Casper meets Wendy.
4. Halloween town 1-4
5. The Nightmare before Christmas.
6. Twitches 1-2
7. The little Vampire.
8. Alvin and the chip Monks meet the wolfman.
9. The Haunted mansion.
10. Coraline

"Somewhat Scary"
1. The Mist
2. Scream
3. The Omen
4. Carrie
5. Rosemary's baby.
6. Crimson Peak
7. Stephen kings IT (Both the old and new version)
8. Jeepers Creepers 1-2
9. The Craft.
10. Interview with a Vampire. (Not horror but still freaky and great)

"Scary and disturbing"
1. Nightmare on Elm street.
2. Halloween.
3. Silence of the Lambs
4. The sixth Sense.
5. Don't be afraid of the Dark
6. Don't Breathe.(Not horror but scary and disturbing as hell)
7. Dead Silence.
8. Children of the Corn.
9. Split (Not horror but disturbing)
10. The cube(not technically horror but still scary)

And our Honorable mentions which shall take the name of "Just disturbing"
The movies in this category i won't watch.... either again if i watched it all, or i started it and didn't finish -_- for one reason or another.

"Just disturbing"
The Saw movies
The Human Centipede.
The Fly.

So yeah there you go, my lists above check out those if you haven't seen them, and re-watch if you have.
i think i might be choosing one to watch when i finish here. :)
But let me know what scary or Halloween themed movie you think i should check out as long as it's not like the things in the "just disturbing" category! that gives you an idea of what i don't like.
And tell me what your favorite Halloween movies are? what is your favorite thing about this time of year?