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2017-10-28 04:20:07 (UTC)

Today & Ranting

Mood: normal?
Song: Your winter by Sister Hazel
Color: Orange

Today has been a lazy Friday... i got to sleep but when i woke up i felt like i was freezing, cause a cold front had blown in and it actually has started to feel like Fall which makes me happy, i'm not complaining about the weather.
I had a cup of coffee, talked with my dad for a while, and then watched a couple of episodes of the new season of stranger things which is amazing! omg go watch it!
I wrote a few notes and letters, watched the girls while my parents were gone, checked the mail...made dinner.
ate, watched YouTube videos and now i'm writing this.
I also went through some clothes and stuff and dug out some of my favorite winter clothes.... like my black beanie type hat, and my finger-less gloves.
Not a lot to report today.

While i was going through clothes out in the unfinished i was barefoot and cold, and so i went back into my room to find some socks or slippers and i saw the slippers my grandmother gave me last Christmas and i was very tempted to grab them, cut them up into small pieces and then take them int the back yard and burn them....
I don't want anything that reminds me of her.... Gone was any trace of her and i'd be happy.
I see her posts on FC talking to her friends and saying how much she freaking loves them and their family's when she can't even muster enough love for her own family.
Its all a lie, the very people she's spending all her time with now are the very people she was insulting, back stabbing, and bad mouthing while she lived here.... i don't think she can love anyone but herself.
I'm just tired of seeing her on FB, hearing her voice on the other end of the phone when she calls my dad.... tired of seeing things in this house that make me think of her.
But i don't know what to do... i don't know what's right in this situation.... is i wrong to block her? unfriend her? never talk to her again...well that was what she chose.
But we are left with the fall out. Fuck her.

I suddenly feel really tired.... for no reason.