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2017-10-27 02:05:42 (UTC)

Night alone and then...

He left for work about 4pm. I been alone in the house and did not feel too much like going anywhere today. My PT was brutal today.
I have been taking it easy....wrapped leg in ace bandage to help keep it still. When I took it off the pain started again and the stiffness
and swelling. I do not know what to think. It could have been damage or too much for it putting that compression sock on and then off. It
was just too tight. So I finally just parked my tail on the loves eat and did not move for a while. I did get up a little but had to use the
walker some because the pain was still shooting through my leg. It finally calmed down and I folded some clothes.. Later I fixed a
little bit to eat and sat back down. I had taped MILLION DOLLAR LISTING and started watching it....just then, my phone began binging
with text messages.

My daughter looking for a closing statement to arrive at our toll free fax which I manage. Then another was a email..the boss
began sending pdf files of signed contracts....we are rocking tonight. It took a while...but I did get up and opened everything to
all the places I save them too. So all that is done.

I have some chicken thawing out to make chicken pot pit tomorrow....

I took a Zantec. My foot is red and itching...or it was. Now it has calmed down too.
I am watching this show
and turning in for the night

Rough day