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2017-10-26 19:30:36 (UTC)

PT and compression socks?

My lord. He had used some sort of tape to tape my knee area this week to help with the swelling. I suppose it may be the swelling that is preventing me from bending to the degree it should and straightening it out. Makes sense. But today, we noticed that one exercise he wanted me to do was not working right. I was having an issue tightening the muscle area above the knee...there is a time when I do a squeeze move there to help make that muscle stronger. I was instead squeezing my hip area. So, he hooked me up to some of those electro things to work
it out. He had to take the tape off to do this. I reminded him that I had the compression sleeves ordered and they should come today. He felt better about taking the tape off. I did too.

I was happy they finally come. I ordered an extra large. So...I opened them checking them out. It was hard to put them on. Very right. Matter a fact, it was way too tight and decided they were too small and took them off. My knee was throbbing like I had been in a kick boxing fight once I got them off. Not gonna work. So, I checked on line to see if I could find some larger ones. Nothing. When you need medical are screwed in this area. I actually found more at Wal Mart than any other place. But you have to order it...and hope it works. I need to go in there and look at them before buying them. But by the time I can handle walking in there to do all that, I won't need them anymore.

I am so frustrated.

My handicap placid came today. At least I got that. BUT I do not feel like walking to the car. I can not stand long enough to prepare a dinner. We are eating a lot of take out lately. Although I am choosing salads and trying to make cook choices. Still happy about dropping the pounds. But still frustrating to not be able to stand long and watching my organized environment turn upside down.

I came home today and had to prepare another offer to purchase to send to the boss....I caught a couple things that needed to be verified and called him to make sure he understood and he made a phone call to get the correct info I needed to move forward. I love this. It is the only thing I look forward right now. But even doing this here at home instead of being out there with him taking a look at these places and meeting with buyers myself makes me feel insufficient. Kind of.

I was walking fine before I put that darn thing on. But walking out to the mail box and seeing the fenced in weed area...with full grown trees...reminding me that the guy did not bother to call me like he promised. Now, I have to turn around to walk back to the house and pass that over grown flower bedding area right by the steps to come inside our fucked up is that?

When I met him, I was living in an apartment but soon moved into a house with. yard, a sidewalk shrubs and trees. I had a lawn mower, rack and trimmer which I used weekly and although I did not have a leaf blower, I did use a broom to keep the paved driveway swept up. My house always looked good. Maybe not to most expensive place on the street....I was renting, but I was proud to have friends come by and we would sit on the porch watching the kids play in my well groomed yard. Not here. I do not want anyone I know to pull into the driveway here. This is horrible. I hate it. I just hope the guy would call me. He was gonna help get things right and I was even going to ask if he knew someone who could put me up a new mail box. I know damn good and well no one here cares how it looks. Well. I care. But I am not doing man stuff.

My son took today and the rest of the week off work because they have to take the race car to Charlotte for a few days of dirt track racing...and this is the big weekend where he is breaking out the gas grill he bought to cook for his friends there. But you should see his damn room. There are dirty clothes piled all over the hamper. He has two hampers in there and a trash can none of which he seems to understand how they are used. I am not doing it. Not this time. He will have to take time to do his own laundry and clean that room....the guy is 36 yrs old. He pays us board, but I am not being paid to do all that. Not happening. Not this week.

Anyway....just writing about all my frustration today has made me feel better and the ice on my knee is numbing it somewhat. Hoping that it will ease off and let me have some rest.....

Oh yeah.....he goes on days next week...and I plan on getting out the guitar again and start working on the songs I am sending to my talented friend in Australia. Gonna send her recordings, lyrics and chord changes in hopes she can pick a few to sing herself. I will be very proud to hear this....and can not wait to get started on it.

Take care people.....